Welcome to season 2022!  

Registration is now open via Play Football.
We can’t wait to get all of our young (and not so young) Tigers back on the pitch!
Some important stuff:
  • Register before 31 January to save $50 (early-bird fee)
  • Registrations are subject to team vacancy - we do close age groups once we reach capacity, so please register early to avoid disappointment!
  • Please check that all of your contact details in Play Football are up-to-date 
  • Please register in the age group you would like to play - kids can choose to play up an age group if they like and will have the option of two age groups when they register.
  • New ID photos are required for ALL U10 Boys and Girls, as well as any new players U10/W10 and older. 
  • By registering with Georges River FC you agree to fulfill ground control duties (canteen and/or ground control) on at least (but not limited to) two occasions during the season for every team you are involved with.
  • All players new to Shire Football will need to show proof of age and address. Please check the requirements here.
  • No payment plans will be offered in 2022.
2022 Active Kids Vouchers:
If your child attends school, or is turning 18 in 2022 and attends TAFE or uni, you can reduce his / her registration fee by $100. Apply for your voucher(s) here and enter your unique code as part of the registration process. 
Registration fees (if register before 31 January):
Following a much abbreviated Season '21, we are pleased to be able to offer reduced registration fees for the season ahead across all age groups:
  • 6-7s: $125
  • 8-9s: $135
  • 10s: $145
  • 11-12s: $155
  • 13-14s: $165
  • 15-16s: $175
  • 18s: $180
  • 21s: $250
  • AL / SW: $250
  • O35 / O45: $250
  • W30 / W40: $250
Family Discount:
If you have three or more immediate family members playing for River this season you're eligible for a $65 discount on the registration of the 3rd, 4th etc player from your immediate family. Please note: This excludes Tiger Cubs.
Apply the 'Family Discount' before paying for the 3rd (and subsequent) players from your family, then list all playing family members as part of the process.
Please apply the discount to the oldest player in your family, otherwise GRFC will not receive the full Active Kids rebate as the family discount with take the rego balance below $100 for any U6-U10 players.
If you Active Kids voucher takes your rego balance below zero please contact before completing the process.
Traditional Clubhouse Registration:
There will be one face-to-face registration day at the Clubhouse, Oyster Bay Oval, on 30 January from 10 am - 4 pm. 
  • Registration will still be 100% online via
  • Our registration day is for ID sighting purposes for new players.
  • If you need help registering you are encouraged to contact the Play Football Helpdesk.
We will have a special orientation session for our U6s to show proof of age and address documents, buy uniforms and form teams on Sunday 13 February from 9 - 11 am.
Proof of Age & Address - Players new to the SSFA:
Any player new to SSFA clubs must provide both proof of date of birth and proof of Sutherland Shire residency.
As per Sutherland Shire Football Association rules of registration, one of the following must be supplied as proof of age:
  • Drivers licence
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport 
It is an Association requirement that all new players must reside in the Sutherland Shire and need to show proof of residence if registering for the first time. Proof documents include:
  • Current driver’s licence with address unaltered (SSFA won't accept stickers on the back of licence)
  • Recent document from a financial institution or government agency (e.g.: bank, council rates) 
NB: Any phone or utility bills will not be accepted
If a child lives outside of the Shire, but attends a Sutherland Shire school, a letter from the school confirming 2022 attendance or a 2022 student ID card must be emailed to for forwarding to the SSFA.
If you have any questions or concerns please email Melissa via