Proof of Age & Address

Players new to the SSFA:

Any player new to SSFA competition must provide both proof of date of birth and proof of Sutherland Shire residency.

As per Sutherland Shire Football Association rules of registration, one of the following must be supplied as proof of age:
  • Drivers licence (smartphone images not currently accepted by the SSFA)
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
It is an Association requirement that all new players must reside in the Sutherland Shire and need to show proof of residence if registering for the first time. Proof documents include
  • Current driver’s licence with address unaltered (SSFA won't accept stickers on the back of licence)
  • Recent document from a financial institution or government agency (e.g.: bank, council rates, ATO)
  • NB: Any phone or utility bills will not be accepted

The above documents can be emailed to our registrar, or brought down on Registration Night: 30 January 2024 5-7 pm).

If a child lives outside of the Shire, but attends a Sutherland Shire school, a letter from the school confirming 2024 attendance or a 2024 student ID card must be emailed to for forwarding to the SSFA.

Once we have approved new player registrations, any supporting personal information (such as copy of driver's license, Birth Certificate etc), will be destroyed. We do not retain any personal information once registration is confirmed.