Grading Policy

Player Grading and Selections

It is extremely important that players are graded in teams with players of similar ability, to play against teams of similar ability. This gives each child the chance to fully participate, enjoy the experience and develop to his/her full potential as a player.

At Georges River Football Club we are continually planning for and considering ways of improving the manner in which we evaluate our players for selection into teams and grades.

With a responsibility to place 1400+ players into teams and grades each year, a considerable commitment is made by our Club to promote fairness, consistency and transparency in the selection process. To assist with any questions that you may have, the following is a brief outline of the methods and processes that we use to select our players, (particularly Junior and Mini Roo teams - U8 to U16), into teams each year. 

Please note: We also offer optional grading for U7 players who would like to trial for our A/B teams. 

Player Assessments

Towards the end of each season we distribute Player Assessment Sheets to all of our U/W7 to U/W16 Coaches and Managers for an appraisal of their player's performance over that season. To mitigate bias or possible collusion, assessments are also sought from independent observers. These assessments appraise and define a broad range of each player's skills and are expressed against the grade that they are playing at the time.

Prior to the Grading/Selection trials each year, which precede the new season these assessments are considered and summarised. Based on the above and factors such as the grade and level previously played, small groups of same age players of compatible ability and development are formed for the selection trials. Subject to age, groupings for the trials vary by number of players. These groupings in no way reflect or guarantee a player's selection in a certain team.

These groups then play against groups of similar standard at the Grading evening for a particular age group.

Grading /Selection Trials

Our Club's Grading Trials are generally held the week after the bulk of registration is completed, usually in early February each year.

At Grading, new players to our Club are evaluated by placing them, with groups of same age players of similar experience and ability.

A player's performance at Grading is then considered by age group, by a Selection Panel.

Grading/Selection Panel

Prior to the Grading/Selection evenings, a Selection Panel is formed, which comprises The Grading Coordinator as Chairperson, the Head Coach and a member of the Management Committee (representative Coaches and or Managers who have background and experience with a particular age group may be called).

In the interests of obtaining a broad overview of player standards in a specific age group all Selectors are encouraged to observe as many matches as possible of that age group over the course of the preceding season.

At the conclusion of the grading sessions, the selection panel then places players into draft teams.

Following confirmation of all registrations and the total number of players in each age group, final team compositions and a recommended grade are then determined.

If necessary any appeal may be made at this point in writing to the Club President.

The agreed teams and the grade requested are then submitted for the approval of the SSFA. The final decision with respect to the grading of a team in the competition is made by SSFA.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns about the 2022 grading process, please complete this brief form.