Tiger Cubs Kick Off

We're so excited that Tiger Cubs is about to get started!

We will be kicking off at 4:30 pm sharp on Friday afternoon, 02 February.

Please bring your Tiger Cub down at 4:00 pm so there's plenty of time for them to collect their uniform and have their name marked off before heading out to meet their coach. 


Tiger Cub uniforms

For our new recruits, uniforms will be ready for collection from the canteen inside the clubhouse from 4 pm. If you can't make the session you can also pick up your child's uniform from the canteen before the next session.

What else to wear/bring

  • We encourage all kids to wear their own shin pads if they have them.
  • Kids can wear football boots or sneakers. 
  • Please bring water for your child.

Tiger Cub groups

We will group the kids into colour-coded groups based on age and any friendship request. Your child will train with the same group, with the same coach, in the same area each week. 

Some parents may like siblings to be grouped together, but we find it best for kids to be placed with kids of a similar age.

Please have your children head out to the sign with their colour on it by 4:25 pm each week so they can have their name marked off before each session.


Please stay in the designated spectator areas which are behind the fence and beyond the field perimeter on the far side of the oval. We want to keep the pitch as a clear and safe environment for the kids. 

We also ask that you do not walk across the fields, rather that you stay outside the perimeter as shown below. Please also keep other kids/siblings off the fields. 

Some other important details to note:

  • Tiger Cubs will run 4:30 - 5:30 pm every Friday from 02 February for 8 weeks
  • Please have your child's name marked off and be ready for a 4:30 pm kick off each week.
  • The camp will run on the main field at Oyster Bay Oval, in front of the clubhouse.
  • Please do not drop and go: Our Tiger Cubs are all very young and it will be a new experience for most. We may have reluctant participants, we may have tears and we may have toilet runs - we need you close by to help us with that.
  • You're welcome to watch your child from the designated parent watching areas or kick back inside the clubhouse.

Bar, BBQ and Canteen open

We'll have the Tiger Inn bar open and BBQ running so you can grab an easy dinner. With the canteen open for drinks and snacks.

    Wet weather

    Should any sessions be washed out you will be notified and make-up class(es) will be added to the end of the season (after the school holidays). You can also check our club's Facebook page to check if grounds are open or closed.

    What to expect?

    During the first session Head Coach Steve will update all parents/guardians on the Tiger Cubs program and what to expect. 

    We love photos!

    If you have any photos that you are happy for us to share on Facebook, Instagram etc, please send them to Melissa via publicity.officer@grfc.com.au.


    We look forward to meeting you and your Tiger Cub very soon!