Thank you, Dale

At last week's AGM, Dale Graham stepped down as President of GRFC. Dale has been our much-loved Club President for seven years. Over this time he has worked tirelessly to make our club something truly special... We hope you'll agree that GRFC is not your average football club!

Few would realise how much heart and soul, not to mention time, he has put into GRFC, all as a volunteer, and all while working a full-time job and raising a very young family.

During Dale's leadership period, our club has achieved record growth and he has introduced many community-building initiatives such as Tiger Cubs, Firecracker Night, Summer Soccer, in-house Presentation Nights, Charity Shields and so much more.

Dale has helped build a very strong committee and we are all very proud to have been working alongside him, especially someone so hands-on in everything that goes on at our club, both in front of and behind the scenes. No one will ever really know just how much he has given to our club (except maybe Erin), but for everything we are thankful.

Dale will still be a part of the committee moving forward and has been working alongside our new president Aaron Jenkins to ensure a smooth transition.

Dale also now takes his well-deserved seat at the Life Members table.

Congratulations Dale, and thank you.