Limited edition GRFC Skins!


We have very limited quantities available of our limited edition compression shorts, pants and tops  with GRFC branding.

All proceeds go toward the fundraising efforts of our 2022 Bardon Touring Team:

Georges River FC has a proud 50 year tradition where each year our U13 teams travel to Queensland for an annual tournament with Bardon Latrobe FC.
Fundraisers are a big part of the tour. Along with running the trusty BBQ, this year the touring team is selling limited edition, high-quality GRFC compression wear or 'skins'.

Our limited edition skins collection is made with Australian-developed fabric of the highest technical standards. Unlike many brands that settle for a 50 denier weft fabric, which is cheaper to make, QRS uses a warp knitted fabric of 70 denier. Plus a higher elastomeric fibre content delivers stronger compression force per square centimetre, allowing a snugger fit with less panels, less stitching, less seams that can split. Result: increased performance while improving garment durability.