Manager Duties

Summary of Managers Duties

  • Ensure there is a match ball available for each game
  • Ensure player ID cards are on hand at each match
  • Inspect opponent’s ID cards
  • Ensure that the match card is completed correctly and signed for each match
  • Make sure someone is wearing the green manger’s high vis vest and another supporter an orange ground control vest at all games
  • Organise a weekly team match report
  • Encourage support of Club social events
  • Establish a reliable communication system within the team
  • Foster a positive team Spirit for players and supporters
  • Regularly check the team drawer in the Ground Control room for news and updates
  • Share key club information with team members
  • Prepare the end of season report
  • Organise ground control duties - more information

The full list of duties along with a detailed description can be found in the Manager's Manual 



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