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We are participating in the sale of the IMB Bank Cook Community Classic raffle tickets again this year. We love it because 100% of proceeds from the raffle tickets we sell as a club come straight back to GRFC which helps immensely in our fundraising efforts towards field and facilities upgrades. PLUS There are some amazing prizes on offer and we encourage our GRFC family and friends to purchase a book of tickets ($20).

Buy a book of tickets here, and they will be posted out to you by the end of November 2019.

Our Junior Presentation Day is Sunday 15 September at Oyster Bay Oval from 11am. The medal ceremony starts at 11:30am sharp, with all junior players receiving a free sausage sandwich and drink along with their goodie bags containing their team photos, yearbook and other GRFC goodness. After the presentation wraps up there will be a bunch of free rides and activities for the kids so you can kick back on your picnic chairs / blankets for the afternoon. The BBQ and Bar will be open, with coffee and drinks available from the canteen. See you there!!

We finished our playing season over the weekend with nine teams playing Grand Finals. We came away with five premierships and four runners up:

Congratulations to our:-

Minor Premiers & Premiers: 13C-1, AL12, W37A-1 and 45Bs

Premiers: W14Bs

Runners Up: W16As, 35Bs, 35Cs and 45C-1s

There were amazing scenes over at Rockets where our W11As made it to the Grand Final at the U11 Gala Day. The girls played their hearts out all day and ended up Runners Up following a close 0-1 defeat in their final game. Well done girls, and what a way to end a top season!!

Congratulations to our 35Cs, W37A-1s and 45Bs - their semi final wins put them straight into the Grand Finals! WELL DONE TO ALL and GOOD LUCK!!

Here is a round up of all of our results over the weekend... Congratulations to all teams on making the Top 4, and GOOD LUCK to everyone through to Finals and Grand Finals!

Saturday 10 August: 

  • 12E (4th) vs Gymea United (3rd): 1-1 after extra time => GRFC finish 4th
  • 13B (4th) vs Cronulla Seagulls (3rd): 0-3 => GRFC finish 4th
  •  13C-1 (1st) vs Menai Hawks (2nd): 3-4 => GRFC to contest Final
  • W14A (4th) vs Cronulla Seagulls (3rd): 0-2 => GRFC finish 4th
  • W14B (2nd) vs Bosco (1st): 1-1 => GRFC to contest Final
  • W16A (3rd) vs Engadine Eagles 2 (4th): 0-0 after extra time => GRFC win through to Final
  • 21A (4th) vs Kirrawee (3rd): 1-3 => GRFC finish 4th
Sunday 11 August: 
  • AL12 (1st) vs Loftus (2nd):0-1 => GRFC to contest Final
  • SWC-1 (3rd) vs Gymea United 1: 5-2  => GRFC win through to Final
  • 35B (4th) vs Lilli Pilli 1 (3rd): 1-0 => GRFC win through to Final
  • 35C (2nd) vs North Sutherland (1st): 2-1 => GRFC win through to Grand Final
  • W37A-1 (1st) vs Engadine Eagles 2: 3-2 => GRFC win through to Grand Final
  • 45B (1st) vs Bonnet Bay 1 (2nd): 3-0 => GRFC win through to Grand Final
  • 45C-1 (3rd) vs Menai Hawks (4th): 1-0 => GRFC win through to Final

CONGRATULATIONS to our mighty 45Bs on taking out the Minor Premiership with a massive 8-0 win on Sunday. Good luck in the Finals!!

CONGRATULATIONS to our fabulous W37A-1s on taking out the Minor Premiership with a convincing home win this weekend. Good luck in the Finals!!

CONGRATULATIONS to our Mighty AL12s - They've already claimed the Minor Premiership with two rounds left to play!!! Well done Lads!!!

The Football Federation of Australia is currently bidding to host the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023 and we're calling on all Tigers to take a few seconds to #GetOnside and support the Bid by signing up at

We want to demonstrate to FIFA that we're passionate football fans and will warmly welcome the world’s biggest, and most prestigious, women’s sporting event!



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