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CONGRATULATIONS to our Mighty 21As: The lads won Round 2 of the State Cup vs Castle Hill 5-2. Fantastic result!!


Have you activated your Feros Group / Prince Hotel card yet, or linked your existing membership to GRFC? There is a MASSIVE promotion coming up June - July where the club with the biggest spend by its members over these two months will win a HUGE $10,000 sponsorship!!

To link your membership card, simply email with your name and card number plus our club name.

How it works:

The club with the members that spend the most money at either the Taren Point Hotel, Prince Hotel Kirrawee, Highfield Caringbah or Terrey Hills Tavern in June and July will win. That’s $10,000 for first, $3,000 for second and $2,000 for third.

We need all our members to become part of the Feros Rewards program and link their card to Georges River FC. To link a membership card, simply email with name and card number and the club name.

Come June, the promo starts, so please swipe your card for every cent you spend.

Thanks for your support!

During school holidays and quiet nights, if there is space on Field 2, can teams please train there and avoid Field 1. The fields have been well watered along with a little rain so the grounds are now moist.

It seems that no matter what available space there is on Field 2, everybody seems to gravitate to train in the goalmouths of Field 1. We appreciate that at full capacity, outside the holidays, space is at premium and there may be no option, but please pick Field 2 over Field 1 when you can.

Thanks for your understanding!


We're delighted to announce that The Prince Hotel is a new club sponsor!

On top of club sponsorship, The Prince will very generously be giving our club a rebate on all spend by our club members, and of all the clubs they sponsor, the club with the biggest spending members will receive a massive $10,000!!!
If you are an existing member, please email your card number or mobile + your name to asking for your card to be linked to Georges River Football Club.
If you're not a member, please sign up and link your card to Georges River FC!
Thanks for your support.

You may have noticed some brand new signs the council has placed at Oyster Bay Oval... Please be mindful if you take your dog down for a run as you may be fined if you let it off the leash.


The Football Federation of Australia is currently bidding to host the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023 and we're calling on all Tigers to take a few seconds to #GetOnside and support the Bid by signing up at

We want to demonstrate to FIFA that we're passionate football fans and will warmly welcome the world’s biggest, and most prestigious, women’s sporting event!

We are pleased to announce that Jannali Healthcare Centre is a new club sponsor!

Jannali Healthcare Centre has a team of allied health practitioners who work collectively to provide you and your family with quality, affordable, natural health care services so that you can enjoy life at your happiest and healthiest. The centre offers chiropractic care, remedial massage, nutrition/dietetics, counselling, yoga and Pilates classes.

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Thanks to our Sponsors




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